Triple Glazed Windows: Are They Worth It?

Triple glazed windows are becoming an ever more popular option from today’s windows suppliers – particularly in the aluminium space. It is popular in countries with a harsh climate, such as Scandinavia but recently has grown in popularity across the UK, due to it’s many benefits.

Read on to find out more about triple glazing.

What are Triple Glazed Windows?

Unlike Double Glazing, Triple glazing contains three panes of glass instead of two within a sealed frame. Between each pane is a pocket of air or inert gas, such as argon; argon is heavier than air and blocks out the cold air for optimum insulation. The extra layer makes it difficult for warm air to escape.

The air gaps are too small to allow the air to circulate and therefore prevent heat transfer by convection. Because the argon gas is a poor conductor, it reduces the rate of heat loss through the window. You can see from reading this how it could benefit your home or property.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

There are many benefits of having Triple Glazed Windows such as:

  • Thermal Efficiency: Triple glazed windows hang onto heat alot better than Double Glazed Windows. The extra pane of glass traps more heat, perfect for making your home that much more warmer and cosy.
  • Cost Effective : Reduces heat loss through the windows improving energy efficiency and helps lower heating bills.
  • Acoustic performance and noise reduction: The extra thickness help reduce outside noise — you can sleep better and not worry about noise in a busy neighborhood.
  • Reduced risk of condensation: the lower U values of triple glazed windows helps towards minimising internal condensation issues as the heat is kept inside the building and typically stops the cold external temperature reacting with internal warm air resulting in condensation.
  • Safe and Secure: Triple glazed windows are stronger and harder to break than double glazed windows.

Will Triple Glazing Add Value to my Home?

Windows can have a large effect on the value of your house. Replacing old windows with thermally efficient triple glazed windows will not only increase the value of your home in the long run but also save you in energy costs in the short term.

Energy efficient windows are one of the key closing sale points when selling or buying a property. House hunters want houses that will keep them warm, save them money in heating bills and are energy efficient, and this in some cases can make all the difference in selling or buying a property.

Despite costing more than double glazed windows, investing in triple glazed windows will add value to your home. Just remember to appoint an installer that would be able to provide you with a FENSA certificate when the work is complete. This certificate provides proof that your window installations comply with building regulations, energy efficient products were used and the installer;s warranty is insured

Should I Switch to Triple Glazing?

Before deciding whether you should switch to Triple Glazed Windows here are a few things to consider:

  • Triple Glazing is much more expensive than Double Glazing, so if you can afford it then think about it.
  • If you already have good quality double glazing then you should probably not bother.
  • We in the UK don’t suffer from extreme temperatures as people in Scandinavia do, so double glazing is good enough.

Want to know more about Double Glazing? The read my article on the Advantages of Double Glazing.


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Triple Glazed Windows: Are They Worth It?

Triple Glazed Windows are more popular in today's market as they offer great benefits such as heating & security. But are they worth the cost?

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